Offer vs. Serve

Offer vs. Serve is a provision in the lunch program that allows students the option of declining some of the food offered. This system is designed to decrease food waste while offering flexibility to students.
 Offer vs. Serve requirements for Lunch
  • A student must take a minimum of 3 out of 5 food items. 
  • All meals have a standard price. For example: if a student takes 3, 4, or 5 items they will be charge the flat rate. 
  • A student may take a smaller portion of a declined item.
What we offer at Lunch 
  • 5 food items
    • Meat/meat Alternative
    • Grain/Bread
    • Vegetables and Fruit
    • Milk
  • the 4 lunch components
    • Meat/Meat alternative (2oz)
    • Vegetables/Fruit (1 cup)
    • Grains/breads (10-15 sv/wk)
    • Milk (1/2 8oz) 
What we offer at Breakfast
  • 4 food items from 3-4 components
    • Meat/Meat Alternative
    • Grain/Bread
    • Vegetable/Fruit (1 cup)
    • Milk (1/2 cup) 
Additional information about Offer vs. Serve:
  • Students may refuse a food item.
  • When a student can make choices they are more likely to eat what they select.
  • We encourage students to select all food items.
  • Parents and other adults can help teach children how to make healthy food choices.
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